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Shoppingtown Mall: Services
Poker Game


The Gamble - 60 minute: up to 10 players

You and a group of friends will take on the role of “investors” in order to gain access into the Hotel Whitmore's most bustling rooms. It’s just a simple gaming parlor - or is it?

The catch? The original investors have suddenly gone missing! Are you going to replace them...or join them?

Vintage Keyboard


The Playwright - 60 minute: up to 10 players

A notorious playwright, J. Seth, has been commissioned by the Hotel Whitmore and the Landmark Theatre to finish his newest showstopper
It's show night and the theater is starting to fill. J. Seth has mysteriously disappeared...
with the last 3 pages of the unfinished script!
Can you find the script, save the show and make it to the theater in time for the curtain to go up?
*Special antiques featured in this room are on consignment agreement with Landmark Theatre.



The Fortune Teller - 60 Minutes - up to 10 players

The Great Pamela is only in town this one last night. But the cards are not right for this group of guests. Can you prove yourself worthy to change your fate? Time is running out, and the Fortuneteller is waiting...



15 minute: up to 4 players

While travelling the professor stumbled upon The Chamber! Can you follow in his footsteps of success - or will you become another relic?

Navigating in Woods


20 minutes: up to 4 players

It's the 1920's. The mafia has hidden all of their loot in a hideout long rumored to be in the woods behind the Hotel Whitmore.
Can you break into the hideout, find the loot, and get out...before the police show up or the mob returns?
If you find it and escape, it is yours to keep!

Gift Wrapped


Gift Certificates

The perfect gift!
No need to know the exact date or time - just the name of the person you want to gift to!

Please check back frequently as we are constantly working to add new entertainment!
HAVE A QUESTION? Check out our FAQ's or send us a message!



We are located on the lower level of the mall, just to the left of Mall entrance #4.

From Erie Blvd: turn onto Kinne Rd, turn right at Shoppingtown Dr (near Helping Hounds), park on the bottom level of the parking garage and enter in between the old Macy's and JCPenney's.

Shoppingtown Mall: About


Tickets range from $10-$28. Please choose an experience above.


How do I buy tickets for myself or for a gift?
To purchase tickets visit "BUY TICKETS NOW" 

Can I call to make a reservation?
We ask that all reservations be made right here on our website..WHY? The best answer is that it is the only way to ensure the accuracy of your payment and booking information - no one knows you better than you!

Is it scary? and Do I really get locked in?
While both locations offer a mystery/suspense feel with elaborate sets, none of the current games are designed to be scary and you don't actually get locked in for safety.

I have a question…
You can send us an email at, direct message us on Facebook, or call us at 1 855-65-ESCAPE...or visit us at our new location.

Where are you located?
We have 2 great locations!
Our all year round location is at Shoppingtown Mall - located on the bottom floor, near Regal Cinema and Fun Junction. The best place to park is off of Kinne Road, under the rear parking structure and entering the double doors.
Our seasonal location is at Frightmare Farms in Palermo, just 8 miles off Central Square exit 32 and approx. 25 min from Syracuse.

What is the price per person?
The price for Escape The Estate at Shoppingtown is $28.00 per person and includes all online ticketing charges. If you want to save money, you can also book on during the week and save $5 off each ticket! The Chamber is our 15 minute mini-escape room and priced at only $10 per person.

Frightmare Farms is priced at $25 per person.

I am interested in bringing our company for a corporate retreat and team building activity.
This activity is an excellent idea for team building activities and parties. We are very accommodating for Corporate events and have plenty of space to work with various size groups. Please contact us at for availability and pricing.

What are the age requirements?
Every person is required to purchase a ticket whether adult or child. We will allow ages 8 - 14 when accompanied by an adult. Ages 15 and older may attend the room. The rooms are not set up to handle children under 8 years old (except for our newest holiday themed room) . The puzzles may be difficult for younger people. Families can contact Escape The Estate for special circumstances. 

Are food and drink allowed in the room?
No food or drinks are allowed in the rooms.

Are the rooms handicap accessible?
Our rooms at the Shoppingtown location are designed to be accessible. 

What are your operating hours?
Shoppingtown is open Wednesday - Sunday. Please click on "Buy Tickets Now" to view the schedule as we do not follow mall hours.

How many people are allowed to play? and Will I be playing with strangers?
You can book as few as one person or up the maximum capacity of each room. The Shoppingtown site will allow up to 4-10 participants in each time slot depending on the particular experience. If you would like to book out the room for just your group, please choose the private booking option.

Please call or email us with your questions.

Does every group escape from the room in time?
No, but it is always fun! We want the rooms to be challenging. It is possible to escape from every room, however most do not escape in time. Each room experience varies in difficulty so some may be easier to escape than others. All room experiences require teamwork, leadership, and quick thinking to get out in time.

What if I have an emergency and can't make it at my assigned time or if I forget to come to a session? 
Please contact us and we will be happy to schedule you into another session if you have an unexpected issue. We do not offer refunds for these issues, but are happy to reschedule.

Is it hard to solve clues? What if I get stuck on a puzzle?
Escape The Estate is designed to be challenging with fun in mind! People of all skill levels enjoy this game. Staff members will be on hand to give hints.

What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring anything! Paper, pens and pencils will be provided. There will be a space to store bags and coats. We do encourage you to dress in layers when visiting our Frightmare site. Dress cool in the summer and warm in the fall/early spring

When should I arrive?
You MUST arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session

Shoppingtown Mall: About
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